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Event Policy

General information

The parties run for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

The first hour of the party. Instruction will commence within 10 minutes of start time. The instructor will be in charge of this portion of the party. The curator does not need assistance. 

The last 45 minutes: parents are responsible for the remaining 45 minutes. Parents provide all food and beverages as well as cups, plates, cutlery, tablecloth and napkins. Please ensure guests stay in the party area during this time.

The parties are suitable for ages 3 and up. We have adult party options as well. Please contact the studio for more information.

When can we arrive?

The Birthday parents may arrive 10 minutes early for setting up, if necessary. Please do not arrive earlier as we have other classes or parties prior to your party. Chalkboards and chalk will be provided at the beginning of the party to provide guests with an activity while waiting for other guests to arrive.

How many guests?

The party cost includes 10 guests including the birthday person. An additional fee $15 is charged for each extra guest.  Pop Art and Pixel parties with over 12 guest will need a second canvas at the cost of $35.

Refund and Credit Policy

No refunds. Credit may be issued if booking is canceled at least 14 days prior to the event. We cannot provide credit or re-schedule the event after this time. Birthday credits must be used within 2 months of the original booking.

What to wear?

Please remind the your guests' parents that both clothes and shoes will be covered in paint. Shoes must be worn in the paint splatter room.We use professional painting materials; it will not wash out! 4Cats is not responsible for any damages to clothing or personal belongings.

Sign In

The curator will give you a form for all guests to sign in. Please have all guests sign in and provide contact information upon arrival.

The Rules

This is a very exciting party! However, for safety reasons it is important there is:

  • no running in the studio as paint is very slippery.
  • no climbing on furniture, no sitting on the table.
  • no standing on the benches.
  • no touching the art supplies or art work on the shelves.

Booked a Paint Throwing Party?

This is really important -

We ask that parents do not come into the paint throwing room for the full hour as the space is limited.

Parents may however come in to take pictures and watch from the doorway. The curator will not need assistance during this time.


It is important to ensure the party ends at the scheduled time as the space is booked for other parties or events.

Completed art work will be kept for 14 days. We appreciate your prompt pick-up.